Let the Artifacts Talk

Bottles, Bamboo fishing poles and agricultural products. What do they have in common?

Our goal is to make a movie that discusses all the aspects through the ages of these three products and glass. Why are their differences? We are organizing sessions at the Amherst Public TV beginning of March. Couple of sessions of filming?

* Multi use vs dedicated and combine vs separate.
* Material Choice and other Recycling considerations ( cleanliness ).
* Local production vs shipping

You see all of this and more in the bottles selected. With luck this gets used as a back bone for number of movies, which will include the farmers, recycling , and manufacturers adding to what we discuss and advance forward.

John Boothroyd

I’ll be contactring Local public TV for help. I need help with the intial, sit down session of “Let the Artifacts Talk” …. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, Envirmantal, Theology, Education. After that a bigger group comes into play and our particiapation be as required.

Artifacts tell a story that smartly points us in the right direction. (Scrub) Simplify, Standardize, Sustain. These are simple however very important items for analysis:

More complex products could be tackled (A separate show for each product):

Background information:
1) Fishing rods where big business in this area. 60% to 70% of the world market. Factory was at one time powered by the Dam being removed on Amethyst Brook. Lots of artifacts here.

2) Motorcycles, Guns and Planes are all part of local Manufacturing History in this region.

3) Personal transportation and protection…..

4) Agricultural products. Asparagus and Tobacco are famous products from this area.

On 2/6/2013 11:35 AM, John Boothroyd wrote:

I’ve been an avid junk/treasure hunter all my life. I’ve found piles of bottles, scuba diving equipment over the years. I donate them to Museums (I’ve given a lot to Springfield and Hatfield Museums) and give them away. I have a movie/movies ideas; I need help making it happen.

I’m cleaning up and got looking at the Milk Bottles (many not cleaned) after finding Near by Milk and Cream realized they might be of interest. I was giving farmer down the street Milk Bottles (One was from his farm) He would have to be on the interview list. In fact a number are still in Business.

I’ve now looked at bottles I had out back and have selected a pile of Bottles. They tell Local stories about Beer, Milk and Soda production right up to present day.

Seems to me we could make a documentary movie about going local. Bottles and the stories would make it interesting and provide basis for proposals moving forward. I also added a few very old bottles which would allow for a very complete recycling and resource usage and disposal discussion both historical and future possibilities. This is a simple item!!!!

I need to put together; an outline movie of all for those working on a polished and greatly improved product. My movie editing computer died years back. Then suggest 4 groups. Middle or elementary school doing Milk. College or High School doing Soda, Beer and Recycling. Object based history vs. written…

I need people interested in applying their skills for betterment of Mankind. In the end I hope this will be group produced series; all proceeds to go Transition Amherst for specific local loans (It will not be used to cover bad Loans) Please get them in Touch with me.

Who wants to help make a movie? HD video or old style TV video if it’s all that’s available. It could be done fairly quickly; need good editors and somebody to put it all together. One interesting documentary movie or a series tied together making different points rather than trying to make too many at once…..

Preview movie out before April, Groups finish by Mid April Editing and preview end of May… Final out July 1st?

Please respond to my email address (boothroyd@verizon.net). I have no vested interest in being in charge.


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