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After our community celebration event, Transition Amherst formed several working groups. According to the suggestion of the world-wide network of transition towns we are part of, we are shifting our focus to support these working groups. To follow up on, or participate, watch for the Working Group Council meetings.

The Outreach and Awareness Raising working group will continue, along with the other working groups, outreach and community building.

Below is the list of working groups that have formed, with links to their own website or page, if any.

All Things Local: The All Things Local Cooperative seeks to improve food security, enhance local employment, advance community and regional economic well-being, and promote sustainable living by offering a marketplace for locally produced goods in the Pioneer Valley. See more about us at

Grow Food Amherst: The mission of Grow Food Amherst is to create a resilient community by actively engaging its residents to support creative endeavors for growing healthy and affordable food locally, including public places and neighborhoods, and by encouraging more sustainable agriculture and permaculture projects in the Amherst, MA area.
We are a group of your neighbors who have joined together to work toward more food self-sufficiency in our town.  See more about us at

Eating in Season: This working group focuses on ways to prepare food that is available locally in a particular season. Envisioning four workshops a year, each introduces a way to make something delicious from seasonal vegetables.

Helping Hands: Helping Hands seeks to create a volunteer network where people in need of help can post their requests, and those who want to offer help can find volunteer opportunities that fit their interests and needs. We envision creating and advertising a website where users can post short term needs for farm labor, gardening, plowing, big clean up projects, etc and where volunteers can find helping opportunities according to date, location, and skill level. No reciprocity or payment. Anyone can post and anyone can help. We also expect that this site will have information that will allow volunteers to seek out non-for profits that are searching for more regular volunteer work.
Our first meeting will be in mid January stay tuned for more details.

Local Lending Club: A small CSA is looking to have a budget for lending to people who want to start local businesses, creating a local investment opportunity network. More details to come soon.

Let the Artifacts Talk: Aims to make a movie (or multiple movies) about the history of manufacturing and the way of life in our area by focusing on the artifacts (bottles, fishing rods, agricultural products) left behind. See more here.

Neighborhood Association: Connecting people living in the same neighborhoods by organizing get-together events, meals.

Outreach and Awareness Raising: This working group continues the efforts of the steering committee. Organizing Walks, Film screenings, and other activities may be part of the menu. Facilitating connection between all the working groups, via offering Working Group Councils, and maintaining this website are two of the current efforts.

Skill Sharing: We focus on learning and sharing practical skills that can help us prosper in a simpler society. Having a workshop once a month seem to be working. See what we have done so far here.

Transportation and Bikability: A group of people intending to make Amherst more bike-able by creating and promoting the creation of more bike paths. One of the projects currently going on is looking to set up bicycle parking facilities in Amherst that would protect against the weather and theft.

Other possible groups?: Eliminating Plastic Bags and Bottles …

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  1. Hi there Transitioners! Please find information we hope you will mention on your website. This book has received praise from Transition Groups throughout Australia and is now available in the US too, so it would be great if you could help spread the word.


    Creating a Transition Family – New Book Offers Ideas for Parents

    Transition groups have hailed a parenting book that offers hundreds of ideas for families grappling with how to help transition their family to not just a more sustainable lifestyle, but to a more resilient state of mind too. The book first published in Australia, is now available in the USA & Canada and is also being translated into Korean.

    “A lot of families are only just becoming aware of issues such as oil dependency, global population growth and complex food systems,” said Anna M. Campbell, author of Honeycomb Kids: Big Picture Parenting for a Changing World and to Change the World. “It can be really overwhelming to take these issues onboard while you’re still trying to pay the mortgage and raise the family.”

    And that’s the reason Campbell wrote the book – as much as an action plan for her own family as to help others get across Transition Town concepts, and fast. It’s a book full of information, ideas and activities that can help parents as they navigate the big issues of our time.

    “Sometimes when we hear about big issues we just switch off as it can seem like all the power is out of our hands,” said Campbell. “But the Transition Town movement and the innovation and cooperation it encourages shows that step by step we can create hope and build resilience into our communities. And where better to start than within our own family?!”

    Here is what Peter Driscoll, Co-founder of Transition Sydney said about the book:

    “Transition initiatives attract people of all ages, concerned about the world our generations are creating for future generations to live in. We try to live more sustainably ourselves and work at building local community resilience. We recognise that this process of transition will possibly take several generations. Anna Campbell’s Honeycomb Kids brings a fresh and very important new perspective to the Transition narrative. Written with skill, humour and heart, this book gives simple, practical and wise guidance for raising children who will undoubtedly be influential in building sustainable, resilient communities wherever they live in the future. Read it yourself, be inspired, and give it as a gift to anyone you know with children – the planet will thank you!”

    And words from Dr Graeme Stuart, Transition Newcastle:

    We face a pressing challenge of creating resilient communities able to meet the challenges of peak oil, climate change and over consumption. “Honeycomb Kids” provides an easy-to-read, handy tool for shaping a sustainable, fulfilling future. While it provides practical ideas for how to nurture children who focus on what really matters, it also challenges parents and community members to reconsider how we live. Hopefully it will generate conversations and action at dinner tables, schools, playgroups, places of worship, parties and even boardrooms throughout the country.

    Honeycomb Kids is available online and in bookstores (distributed in the US by Chelsea Green Publishing).

    Thanks Transitioners for helping to get the word out!

    For more information, interviews, excerpts & images please contact:

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