Greenhouse Raising

A mutual project between Transition Pelham and Transition Amherst!

Wendi and Cyd, have been planning this for a good while now. They had cleared some trees, to avoid winter shade for the greenhouse site, had prepared the site and laid the foundation before the big day of setup came. They got the project to the first picture below.

They invited a bunch of friends and carefully studied the over 60 page long assembly guide as well as many of the different pieces involved.

On assembly-day we started at about 9:30 as we had planned. The sunny weather helped (us sweat). We broke to two groups, one building the sides of the greenhouse on site, the other started to assemble the top of the greenhouse off-site, to be lifted up in place later.

All the pieces in about ten large cardboard boxes, except one small pane, were calculated seamlessly – literally seamlessly, as instead of over 300 feet of rubber gasket material, we only got like 20 feet.

For lunch our hosts put together a delicious meal which we eat together – although some of us had trouble interrupting their building activities. (We did eat at Wendi’s:-)

By the the time for the big lift-up, mid to late afternoon, several of our helpers had to go attend other business, so we invited a good few available neighbors, and their guest, to lift with us. That big top piece you see was quite easy for that many of us, and because of the level ground preparation we only had a small amount of banging to do to fit all the pieces together.

The next few days Cyd and Wendi installed the roof enforcement cords, and ordered the single missing pane and gasket. And they are thrilled to have a greenhouse. And I am thrilled we had such a smooth community experience.

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