Building Community with Bicycles

The bicycle is not only the most efficient tool to get around on, but it is also very good for hauling things, sight-seeing, exercise, running errands, meeting interesting people, saving money, etc.
Although the United States by and large has been built with the car in mind, I have given up my car over four years ago, and am still getting happier about it with each year passing. Not having to spend on petrol, insurance, and car-maintenance, I now have all this money, so I decided to spread around my enthusiasm about the bicycle in my neighborhood. So I started to build specialized bicycles for cargo-hauling, fun, exercise and utility.
I documented my efforts on the Transition Network website with the project Community building with bicycles. And the pictures below also show the setup and the variety of bicycles created through the project. Some of these bicycles are loaned out for donation to local non-profit organizations, like the Amherst Survival Center, and several reskilling workshops (Welding, Winter bicycling) have been offered or are planned (Bicycle maintenance, Building Bamboo Bicycle Trailers).



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