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Since the days of the Yellow Sun Natural Foods Co-Op in downtown Amherst, residents have been missing a local market of healthy food in easy reach. With local food shining in a more and more positive light and high petrol prices making long-distance food more expensive, more of us feel a co-op is not only urgent but indispensable for Amherst.

That’s why, following the example of the Local Roots Market in Wooster, Ohio, Transition Amherst started an effort to create a year- and week-around market for farmers to sell their goods without them having to be there all the time, and buyers to be able to buy good quality, local food without having to wait for the farmers market or read the labeling in supermarkets carefully filtering for something local.

To help this process a working group has formed. See more about it here.

NEW: Attend a Neighborhood Party to learn about or join to the CO-OP:

View our Links and Resources page for more background information for this project.

Read more about the All Things Local store here →.

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