Sustainability Festival 2013

This is a page to help organize our participation in the upcoming Amherst Sustainability Festival on April 27th.

For simplicity’s sake I outline who said something about participating on behalf of/in connection to Transition Amherst, and if you want to join, add a comment below as to what you want to do, to bring.

  1. Betsy would be willing to help with tabling if it is good weather, talking about the working group council,
  2. Rick is willing to help
  3. John W. would do it together under one tent with the All Things Local Co-op planning group.
  4. To add my part, Gabor am open to all of the above, even in rainy weather. Wouldn’t stay at the table all the time and wouldn’t want to do it alone, but would support the happenings.
  5. Michele M. F. can help from 11am to 1pm
  6. Dick Stein hopes to coordinate activities as he has a table with their Biochar initiative.
  7. Grow Food Amherst will have a table too.

Ideas from the Council of Working Groups:

  • Do we have tent and table?
  • Setup before 10am? Take down at 4pm?
  • We could have chairs, board games, books,
  • blackboard, colored chalks, flip-chart
  • A working group list for people to sign up to.

One Response to Sustainability Festival 2013

  1. Michele Morris-Friedman says:

    I’d like to help out but must be clear: 11-1 p.m. is when I definitely cannot help as I have an ongoing teaching commitment every Saturday at that time.

    Andy and I have an aluminum folding table and an old card table, as well as some folding chairs. If you need them I would be glad to bring them and help set up. I would probably have to use my car instead of my bike and cart to get them there but perhaps that’s not the case. I also have a collection of environmental books that I will consider lending if I can tether them to the table so that they won’t “walk off.”

    I have an afternoon commitment after 1 p.m. and am still working out the hours I will be at the other gathering. If that other meeting gets out at 4:30 (which is likely) I could also help with clean-up and pick up any items I lent to the festival table. The other group I’m part of often meets from 2-4:30; if that’s the case on the 27th my main availability will be during set-up, from 10-11 a.m., from 1- 2 p.m, and with clean-up. I may decide to miss 1 hour of my other meeting.

    One idea I’d like some help thinking through is somehow involving the farmers’ market or at least letting visitors to our table know about it. It’s a great example of localization that we’ll be able to see in action from across the common. I’ve thought of incorporating Tina’s idea of sharing seasonal recipes with support for the market and CSA’s. Maybe I’ll bring a couple of seasonal cookbooks to inspire visitors.

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