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Blog post on the presentation last Saturday

Not only last Saturday’s workshop succeeded very well, to an audience of 16, opening the Amherst Winter Farmers Market’s weekly workshop series this winter with elegance, but Nick and Betsy, long-time supporters and active participants, of Transition Amherst, even wrote a blog post about it on their “Adventures in the good life” blog!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014
6:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (EDT)

Come mark the vernal equinox at the U. Mass Sunwheel. Celebrate the start of spring and learn about the three dimensional geometry of the solar system. Its science and its fun. Dress warm and bring boots. Children and dogs are encouraged to come. For more information contact Michele or Andy: Morrisfri@aol.com.

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Conversation About Region-Wide Resilience

On March 15, at Antioch University in Keene NH, fellow Transitioners and Resilience-Builders from around New England will gather to discuss the resilience of New England as a whole. The discussion will be much richer with you present, and we hope you will consider joining us. Register here.

The day will allow for a lot of open-ended discussion, so that we can consider open and important questions, such as:

– Why are we focusing on region-wide resilience?
– What are the key dimensions of region-wide resilience?
– Is New England the right region to consider?

A team has drafted a short Concept Paper about region-wide resilience to jumpstart this conversation. It is offered in the spirit of provoking reflection and as a springboard for further discussion, and we look forward to your reactions. Please read, download and add comments about the Concept Paper here.

We will also spend time “workshopping” potential action ideas that are percolating among this network. These are ideas that would invite involvement from the region as a whole, and/or, would have a regional impact. If you have an idea, we want to hear about it. Please respond to this email and let us know.

Event Details:

Join the Conversation About Region-Wide Resilience
Saturday, March 15, 2014
10am – 4:30pm
Registration at 9:30
Coffee, light breakfast, and lunch provided; Donations will be requested to help defray costs
Antioch University
40 Avon Street
Keene, NH
In-home hospitality is available on a first come, first served basis

Hope to see you,
Sarah Byrnes
On behalf of the convening initiatives: Transition Portland & the Resilience Hub, Somerville Climate Action, Global Awareness Local Action, Transition Montpelier, Transition Newburyport, Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition, and the Transition Keene Task Force

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Pete Seeger event

Transitions Amherst was present at the big Pete Seeger memorial sing-a-long Sunday Feb. 17th. Michele and Andy Morris-Friedman and Abbie Jenks (from Pelham) worked the crowd of over 600 people, giving information about up coming TA events, and spreading the word about preparing for our post energy future. We were able to get the emails of some people who are interested in our group and sharing those skills of self sufficiency that make up the core of community resilience. Plus we had a great time singing. Remember what Arlo Guthrie says, “You’ve got to sing loud if you want to end war and stuff.” – Andy

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All Things Local Store is Preparing to open

Lots of things are happening. The space is being prepared best serve the market.

All Things Local has a new website. Plese visit it here: allthingslocal.coop!

There is an informational PDF with lots of pictures documenting what happened during a gathering that happened in Portland:
Coop Markets – Local Roots & All Things Local – Transition Amherst at the Portland gathering last weekend

And our very own Andy Morris-Friedman made a video of the party ATL held a few weeks back.

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Fall 2013 New England Transition Gathering

On October 5, Saturday, Portland Maine

Why have we all connected to do this work of Transition?
Why would anyone want to engage with us?
Why would we want to connect or align regionally?
What responsive structures could be put in place among us for transition?

Come to the Fall 2013 Transition Gathering in Portland Maine to find out!

At this event you will hear stories of best practices, lessons learned and responsive structures that build resilience. There will be multiple resource sharing opportunities throughout the day, copious opportunities to deepen our connection, collaborate, network, and enjoy delicious locavore food. Doors open at 9:30am.

Join us the night before to hear Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Network and John Rooks of The SOAP Group speaking at Ludcke Auditorium at UNE, starting at 6pm.

Register for the gathering here: netransition.org/events/7/transition-regional-gathering/.

Please note: you will need a homestay “ticket” to be on the list to receive contacts for community-sourced lodging/couch surfing/tenting options.

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Eating Locally

Help All of Us Eat Local?

You’re Invited to a Community Forum to Discuss Ideas:

Monday, Sept. 23, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
at the new store site — 104 North Pleasant St., Downtown Amherst

Next to Food For Thought Books

A Kitchen Team has been working on ideas for cooperative use of the commercial kitchen, little dining area (four tables), “tasting island” and more. How might the kitchen help you eat local food all year ’round? If you have ideas, want to be a producer, want to buy take-out food, want to eat local prepared meals, preserve the harvest, or simply support eating local, please share your thoughts!
We invite you to join the conversation and tell your friends.

Tell us what you like to eat! Fill out a survey at the event or online: www.surveymonkey.com/s/TWMBTCY

Share your ideas at the forum or by emailing: ATLCoopKitchen@gmail.com

Anyone can apply to be a producer and sell products in the market. For more information go to: www.AllThingsLocal.coop

If you can’t attend the forum, but would like to share your ideas OR indicate your interest in commercial use of the kitchen, please write up your ideas and email them to the All Things Local Kitchen Team at ATLCoopKitchen@gmail.com as soon as you can, and no later than September 24. The Board of Directors has asked for a proposal for use of the kitchen and food products to be sold fresh, for immediate consumption. The Kitchen Team is assembling an Initial Use Proposal to help kitchen use get off the ground quickly. We must create an initial plan to ensure that the kitchen is utilized as soon as possible, yet also be able to function without a Kitchen Manager for at least several months. Next year, once food preparation businesses have generated a flow of income to cover kitchen costs, volunteers and members will be expanding the dream. Our shared mission: to use the co-op kitchen to help provide the whole community with healthy, local food.

What do you like to eat? What ideas do you have for how the market can help you and people you know eat more local food? The kitchen, the market, the four tables for eating, and the “tasting counter” will be a fabulous resource. We look forward to your help and ideas!

See you Monday, or communicate with us via the survey or email!

Please help us spread the word about the Community Forum and survey.

Yours in Happy Local Eating,
Peg, Amanda, Hwei-Ling, Tina & Trish
All Things Local Kitchen Team

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Another Permaculture Event

Another HUGE name in permaculture coming to Amherst for a presentation next week. Geoff Lawton is an Australian Permaculturist coming to talk about his latest green projects on September 3rd, 6pm. The event is put on by UMASS, in the Campus Center Room 165-169. See more about it here.

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Permaculture get-together with Roberto Perez Rivero

We have a permaculture/sustainability rockstar (from Cuba!) coming to our town.

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1970; Roberto Perez Rivero is an environmentalist, sustainability activist and international educator.

Roberto has been part of the Cuban Permaculture movement since its introduction in the country in 1993 after the so called “Special Period”, caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union when Cuba lost access to oil, fertilizers, pesticides, and virtually all trading partners that the small island nation depended on to survive, facing economic collapse overnight.

Formerly importing most of its food, Cuba’s agriculture is now 95% organic, with the city of Havana producing over 60% of its own fruits and vegetables within the city’s urban spaces.

Roberto has been instrumental in the Urban and Sustainable Agriculture movements, helping the island become a model for sustainability. In 2007, Cuba was identified as the only sustainable country in the world, by The Living Planet Report from the World Wildlife Fund.

Mr Perez will talk about Cuba’s progress and struggles in sustainable agriculture and sustainable living in the face of declining petroleum and other non-renewable resources in an event Sunday, August 18, 6:00pm-7:30pm at the downtown Food For Thought bookstore, 106 North Pleasant St, Amherst, MA, 01002. Donations of $10-$20, no reservations needed.

Mr. Perez is a featured interviewee in the internationally acclaimed film:

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
Watch it here.

For a flyer for the Amherst event click the image on the right.

More information: http://umasspermaculture.wordpress.com/.

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Climate Summer 2013

A team of five is traveling through Western Massachusetts exclusively by bike: they are the 2013 Western Massachusetts Climate Summer team. They are building the movement against climate change, and are working specifically to put a preemptive ban on fracking in Massachusetts.

Their upcoming events this week:

Tuesday 7/9, 6-8pm showing of “Gasland” documentary at Northstar Downtown Hadley

Sunday, 7/14, 2-5 pm at Lampron Park in Northampton: rally/celebration of bill H.788 to ban fracking in Massachusetts – we will be having the activist band Melodeego come play a set and also have several speakers – this is our BIG event so please spread the word!

Here’s a blurb for our rally to share:

Anti-Fracking Rally
Lampron Park, Northampton – July 14, 2-5 pm
Come out to our rally to celebrate H.788, A Bill to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing, co-sponsored by Peter Kocot from Northampton! Activist band Melodeego (music from the movement, powered by the people!) will perform, along with several speakers to rally excitement towards a frack-free future for Massachusetts.

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