First CyclingSavvy course in Massachusetts is complete

The three-part CyclingSavvy course that Transition Amherst sponsored during Bike week was well attended as you can see it from the crowd on the right. Friday evening we got our classroom part amidst delicious finger food from one of the trainers’ Mom (yes, special thanks to her, Eli!).

And in a beautifully sunny Saturday (I even got a bit sunburned) we had both the bike-handling and in-traffic part of the course. Since then I don’t always take the lane like many of the pictures below show a bicyclist can, but I sure have the option in my mind and do it easier when I need to.

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  1. Eli Damon says:

    Thank you everyone for coming to the class with open minds. And thank you Gabor for helping me to make this happen.

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