Weekend Visit

Guess what happened this weekend? I received a visit from Steve, from Yuba Bicycles!

Long story short, I have not only been making cargo bicycles but also put some energy in researching ones made by others. I tried the Surly Big Dummy, the Trek Transport, and the XtraCycle FreeRadical, and got to the conclusion, that I would like something really robust, well built, and affordable. Although I couldn’t try before buying, I decided with the Yuba Mundo. However in the process of figuring out how to order a Mundo from Yuba, who didn’t have a local reseller at the time I was offered to be an aficionado. A year later I ended up with two Mundos and quite a bit of exposure to Yuba staff.

So last week I got an email from Steve, one of the staff, saying he would be around my neck of the woods, would I want to get together. Which indeed we did; not only got together, but looked at bikes, biked over to Laughing Dog Cyclery and as a result of that you may see some long- and midtail cargo bicycles there soon, and hung out in general. I believe there is some write-up by him about this visit somewhere on Facebook – can’t confirm it as I am not on it, but I am sure you will find it by searching for ‘Yuba Bicycles’.


Also I got to see and try their new Boda-boda, a so-called midtail bicycle, meaning that while it does have cargo space, the Boda-boda is not as large as the Mundo. Maybe it is just me, but I found it riding like a cruiser while, due to its aluminum frame, probably waying less.

Overall it was fun to meet Steve, experience first hand how much he knows about bicycles, and witness his commitment to bicycling in general and to Yuba in particular.


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2 Responses to Weekend Visit

  1. marianne watling says:

    Thanks for the story Gabor. Sounds like a lively visit!

  2. Katie McDonald says:

    I can feel your excitement Gabor. Thank you for helping tool up the community and best of all making us see it’s fun!

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