Working group meeting

The Communications working group (John G., Tina and Gabor) had a very energetic meeting on June 13th to plan the Internet presence of the ‘All Things Local store’ (ATL) project. Here is what we discussed:

The project will be documented on the Transition Amherst website, as we mutually want to support each other in our goals, since they are similar: to make our community more resilient, food or otherwise. But the project would get a larger representation than just this single blog page, with information on static pages, a facebook page and ways to sign up. Our names below represent who does what. All content will be sent to gaborzol at gmail dot com, so Gabor can update the site with the changes.

Under Projects we would have a description/summary page (Tina) and several sub-pages under that, for example about:

  • Who are we (working groups, task teams, advisors) (John)
  • Timeline (history and future) (Tina)
  • Collaborators (check with them first) (Tina)
  • Resources (Local roots documents, other info) (John)
  • Links (Blogs, external info on Co-operatives, etc.) (John, Gabor)

We also would have ways to get involved (signup for mailing list) (Tina, Gabor)
A facebook page (Emily could work on that?)
A little box announcing the next event (Gabor)
All activities announced on the calendar (everyone)
These pages/locations would be linked from other appropriate pages (Tina, Gabor).

Monitor the rest of this site for these changes in the near future!

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2 Responses to Working group meeting

  1. Michelle says:

    Do I read correctly that we have a target *store opening* date of November 18th? If so – have we identified the location, or are we planning as a leap of faith? I was (obviously) a bit unclear on that matter.

  2. Hi everybody,
    I would like to comment on John White’s All Things Local update at the Transition meeting tonight. I feel it would be most unfortunate for the market to have to be placed outside of town. Not only would it defeat the goal of having a central location accessible to most everyone, but it would encourage even more individual car traffic like that on rt 9 in Hadley. Though the rent is more affordable, who will want to travel to someplace several miles away – when they know there are many staples they won’t be able to get there? Yet another trip to the malls. Which brings me to another idea – one slightly outside the “Local Roots” concept, but one that might increase membership. John mentioned that there would be no economic incentive for consumers to become members. How about allowing members to join a wholesale buying club, so that in addition to buying locally produced stuff at the market, they could order bulk items like pasta, rice, nuts, flour, paper products, & toiletries from a distributor? I realize I may be stepping on some toes here by bringing up anything not strictly local, but a purely farm market will have limited appeal – especially if it’s not conveniently located.

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